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What is Prostaphane® ?

Prostaphane® is a food supplement based on Sulfodyne®, an extract of broccoli seeds standardized in sulforaphane in its free and stabilized form.

Prostaphane® is a dietary supplement for men aged 45 and over who are experiencing the first signs of physiological ageing of the prostate.

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Prostaphane gélules broc
graines brocoli prostaphane

Extract of broccoli seeds

molécule sulforaphane prostaphane

Sulforaphane free and stabilized

Patented formula

Clinical studies

Made in france prostaphane

Made in France

Prostaphane® : a formula developed in brittany

Prostaphane® : the result of a long work

The starting point of our project….. a study carried out on the sulforaphane molecule in 1998!

At that time, the molecule was barely known in the scientific world and it was through a publication written by Professor Talalay of the University of Baltimore (USA) on the interests of sulforaphane and some of its mechanisms of action that our curiosity was aroused.

Intrigued by this new molecule with innovative properties, Olga (ex Triballat Noyal) laboratory set up a project with the Brittany region to connect the Breton agricultural sector with the laboratory. The aim of this project is to enhance regional products and stimulate innovation in the territory. To this end, several varieties of cabbage were studied by our laboratory to determine which parts of the plant were the richest in sulforaphane. The research and development team quickly encountered the main problem caused by the sulforaphane molecule, its instability. This will result in 20 years of hard work, between studies and experiments, to make the molecule stable and available, a world first!

This is how Prostaphane® dietary supplement was born.
Protected by 2 patents, it is marketed by Ingood by Olga, business unit of Olga group since 2015 which markets the active ingredient Sulfodyne® 5% of active and stabilised sulforaphane.

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Sulforaphane Brocoli laboratoire prostaphane



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