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How do I take Prostaphane®?

Swallow Prostaphane®, preferably with a glass of water, at mealtime.

One to three capsules are recommended per day (up to 6 in special cases), for a period of three to six months.

Renew regularly. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose without medical advice.

What are the health benefits of broccoli?

Broccoli has several health benefits. It has antioxidant and inflammatory action.

It also provides protection at cell level. These benefits mostly come from the presence of sulforaphane.

When is the use of Prostaphane® recommended?

Prostaphane® is a dietary supplement intended for men above age 45, feeling the first signs of physiological aging of the prostate, such as frequent need to urinate, weak urine stream, difficulty urinating, or sometimes a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.

I’m a diabetic. Can I take Prostaphane®?

Prostaphane® is made without added sugar. It is suitable for diabetics.

Can I use Prostaphane® if I’m on blood pressure medication?

There is no known interaction with blood pressure medicine.

In what cases is Prostaphane® not recommended

Prostaphane® does not have any contraindications.

However, you are advised to inform your doctor that you are taking Prostaphane®, just as you would if you were taking any other food supplement.

Will Prostaphane® change the colour of my urine?

No cases of urine colour change by Prostaphane® have been recorded.

Can I use Prostaphane® if I take cholesterol-lowering treatment?

There is no known interaction with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Does Prostaphane® lead to increased uric acid?

Use of Prostaphane® has no effect on uric acid levels.

What is the Prostaphane® quality commitment?

Prostaphane® is a dietary supplement, produced in France, which complies with European standards. Each manufacturing stage meets specific specifications.

Tests and checks are conducted throughout the process to ensure product quality. Traceability is ensured from broccoli seed production to distribution of the boxes.

Where can I buy Prostaphane®?

Prostaphane® is a dietary supplement marketed in France since 2012, available at pharmacies. Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist about Prostaphane®.

How should Prostaphane® be stored?

Like many other supplements and vitamins, Prostaphane may gradually lose potency when exposed to heat.
The ideal place to store Prostaphane is in the refrigerator, but it can be kept at room temperature.
Refrigeration ensures that 100% of the potency is retained over time.
Storing at room temperature can slightly reduce sulforaphane content—less than 2% (0.2mg) over the course of one month.
Prostaphane is manufactured with 10% more sulforaphane than shown on the label to allow some heat exposure and to still deliver at least 10mg of sulforaphane per capsule.

Is Prostaphane® contraindicated with AVK drugs?

There are no known interactions between Prostaphane® and anti-vitamin K drugs (AVK). Vitamin K dosage was carried out in the extract developed by Nutrinov, found in trace state. A 30-capsule box of Prostaphane® provides less than 1µg of vitamin K. Nevertheless it is important to continue INR monitoring.