Triballat Noyal Group

Triballat Noyal has been a family business for three generations and it is based in Noyal‐sur‐Vilaine in Bretagne, France.

The business, whose mission is to "Feed healthily from land to plate", combines tradition with innovation to develop new niche markets in the field of plants, organic products, cheeses and nutrition in general.

Its values are focused around respecting people, nature and knowhow so as to be able to offer balanced and healthy products to as many people as possible.

Triballat Noyal has 15 sites in France, located in the traditional dairy regions. It also has 2 plants in Europe (Spain and Italy).

Within France, Triballat Noyal operates in all the various distribution channels: large and medium supermarkets and hypermarkets, organic networks and Out of Home consumption (OOH).

Outside France, Triballat Noyal has two subsidiaries based in Spain and Italy.



In 1988, Triballat Noyal introduced its innovative range of fresh, soya-based desserts under its Sojasun brand name.

Today, Triballat Noyal is the leader in soya-based products both within France and in Europe. It uses soya exclusively from France and GM-free.

An expert in the plant field, Triballat Noyal now offers a range of products from other plants, such as rice and hemp, particularly with Sojade brand.

Organic Farming

Triballat Noyal has been involved in organic farming since 1975, in close collaboration with the farming world. Its commitment has led to the launch of its Vrai (in supermarkets) brand and to the brands, Tante Hélène, Annie Lagarrigue, La Bergerie and La chèvrerie, which are sold on the specialist organic network.

Triballat Noyal creates organic products from cow, ewe and goat’s milk.

Every product in the Sojade range comes from organic farming and carries the “Ecocert” and “AB” (organic certification) labels. The management of our soya and rice supplying networks ensures we produce GMO free product.


Cheeses from cow, ewe and goat’s milk; AOC, local and innovative, all the cheeses that Triballat Noyal makes are crafted following tradition.

Triballat Noyal offers a veritable “cheese board” of products: in supermarkets and hypermarkets, under the Petit Billy, Merzer and Petit Breton brands; and also in the Out of Home market and the dairy, cheese and organic networks.


Driven by its desire to provide the consumer with healthy products, the business has acquired knowhow in the field of nutrition.

Its subsidiary, Nutrisun, has an advanced research laboratory and the industrial tools to develop innovative dietary products.

Nutrinov, which developped Prostaphane®, is the health research centre of the Triballat‐Noyal group.