Nutrinov laboratory

Based within the Centre of Contemporary Cooking in Rennes, France, Nutrinov is the health research centre of the Breton group, Triballat‐Noyal. Nutrinov’s aim is to get the best from nature to help the nutrition of tomorrow.

Nutrinov is specialised in elaborating new concepts, creating useful ingredients and in developing end products.

In continuation of the nutritional knowhow developed by TriballatNoyal for over 20 years and in the field of sports, slimming and health, Nutrinov is involved in creating innovative bioactive ingredients created exclusively from 100% natural raw materials.

In developing bioactive ingredients, Nutrinov intervenes at each stage of the development process. The laboratory chooses the natural products based on their nutritional features and benefits and then develops industrial processes that leave the natural properties of the products intact, before embarking on a series of pre-clinical and clinical tests to prove the concept.

Nutrinov has a wealth of experience in the field of analysis, characterisation, extraction and natural molecular concentration. The molecules treated come both from products and co-products made by the TriballatNoyalgroup and from other food matrixes, especially from other vegetables.

Boasting a string of patents to its name for research carried out, Nutrinov also collaborates in other research projects, to enable it to widen its range of bioactive ingredients. Four such projects relating to peptides, proteins, phytoalexins and oligosaccharides are currently under way, three of which have received EU funding.

The projects relate to enhancing certain co products in food and raw materials with multiple beneficial substances in terms of human health, plant health and animal nutrition.