How to use it?

Directions for use

One tablet contains the equivalent of 100g of raw broccoli.

Swallow Prostaphane®, preferably with a glass of water, at mealtime. One to three tablets are recommended per day (up to 6 in special cases), for a period of three to six months. Renew regularly but do not exceed the recommended daily dose without medical advice.

Prostaphane® is a food supplement and not a drug. It must not be used as a replacement for a varied, balanced diet and as a substitute of a healthy life style.

Seek the advice of your doctor or chemist if necessary.


Prostaphane® possesses an excellent tolerance profile and there are no contraindications.

Prostaphane® contains no added sugar, and is therefore suitable for diabetics.

Product intended for adults. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

For hypothyroid patients or those taking thyroid treatment, consult your physician.


Refrigerate Prostaphane® (+2°C à +8°C) for optimal preservation of the active ingredient.