Broccoli is easy to grow.

Why not plant some in your vegetable garden? Gardening fun for a healthy prostate!

Broccoli is a vegetable from the Mediterranean area. It was developed largely in southern Italy, hence its name, which comes from an Italian word for “sprout”. Broccoli is a kind of cauliflower, grown not for its leaves but for its inflorescence. In cuisine, we consume the tender stems, and the florets before the flowers bloom.

Broccoli is as easy to grow as other vegetables in the cabbage family.

In mid-May, you can take autumn and winter variety broccoli plants from seeds and transplant them in your vegetable garden. Then plants should have at least 3 to four leaves. You can also buy plants already formed from your gardening store.

Broccoli plants need soil with a generous amount of compost. Also, the plants are sensitive to the cold, so avoid exposure to late frost. Broccoli loves sun but not excessive heat or dry weather. (In hot regions, grow it in a semi-shady spot). Water regularly.

To prevent mildew, keep the plants properly spaced (60 to 70 cm apart) and do not water the leaves. Watch out for slugs, which can hide under the leaves.

Harvest when the floral buds are well-formed and green. Once the main flower is cut, offshoots can produce a second, smaller harvest.

Home-grown Broccoli is delicious in all sorts of healthy recipes. Bon appétit!

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